Afghanistan: 19 killed and 43 injured in twin blasts in an attack at military hospital

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Two explosions hit the major military hospital in Kabul, followed by gunfires in which around 19 individuals were killed, and more than 43 have been injured today. 

Apart from this, gunshots were also heard near the Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan military hospital in the capital city Kabul. The attack got underway when a ‘suicide bomber’ exploded his explosives near the entrance of the site, after which Gunmen then broke into the hospital grounds, firing their weapons there, spokesperson of Taliban further noted. 


“All the attackers are dead. The attack was initiated by a – suicide bomber on a motorcycle who blew himself up at the entrance of the hospital. Some attackers entered the hospital compound. Two explosions targeted the hospital area,” he added to his statement. 

The staff of AFP also heard the second explosive, which took place around 30 minutes after the first one. While one of the doctors at the Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan hospital in Kabul, while talking to the media, asserted that, “I heard a big explosion coming from the first checkpoint. We were then told to go to safe rooms. I also hear guns firing. I can still hear a gun firing inside the hospital building. I think the attackers are going from room to room like the first time it was attacked”.  

The hospital also was attacked in the year of 2017, when gunmen disguised as medical personnel killed at least 30 citizens in an hours-long siege. In the attack then, the militants went room to room, killing people, switching to knives when they ran out of ammunition, and the Islamic State group took responsibility for the attack. 

Since its takeover, the Taliban has been facing issues to run the island, and the numbers of these types of attacks are increasing in Afghanistan. 

Apart from this, the interior ministry informed that the Taliban Special Forces have since been sent to the scene. 



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