AFAR magazine named Coulibri Ridge one of dreamy Resorts and Hotel. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

AFAR magazine named Coulibri Ridge one of dreamy Resorts and Hotel

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Roseau, Dominica: Coulibri Ridge Resort of the island nation made a significant milestone as it has been named one of the 7 Dreamy Resorts and Hotels in the Caribbean by AFAR magazine. This recognition by such a renowned magazine is a testament to the unwavering commitment and dedication of the resort toward elevating the Tourism sector of the island nation to greater heights.

Coulibri Ridge is a 14-suite luxury hotel which is based on the principles and practices that other hotels can follow for their sustainable growth and development. The 200-acre property offers best amenities to all its visitors with a vision to make their stay memorable and comfortable.

The amenities offered by the Coulibri Ridge Resort includes, air-conditioned suites, multiple heated swimming pools, spa, two restaurants and conference rooms generated by solar panels. Also, the resort has a hurricane-resistant exterior which is a source of motivation for all other properties on the island nation to reconstruct their property following the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria 2017.

The on-site water comes from filtered rainwater which shed light on the resorts commitment towards using sustainable practices in order to conserve environment and natural resources.

This is not the first time that Dominica has received such a huge acknowledgement as recently, Conde Nast Traveler has considered Dominica as one of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean. The magazine mentioned about the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a tropical rainforest with best flora and fauna in the entire Caribbean region.

The park is famously known for its boiling lake, hot springs, giant ferns, colourful flowers and several exciting adventurous activities such as hiking, snorkelling and many more. Such acknowledgement shed light on the continuous efforts undertaken by the tourism authority of Dominica towards leading their nation to growth and development.

Dominica has several hot-spot destinations which makes it the prefect choice for the traveller. The island nation is also known for its large than life celebrations and best amenities which it offers to all their visitors.