Dominica Tourism Authority says, “Kalinago Ementchira is a step closer to completion”
Dominica Tourism Authority says, “Kalinago Ementchira is a step closer to completion”

Roseau, Dominica: Ministry of Tourism, International Transport, and Maritime Initiatives of the Commonwealth of Dominica shared an update related to the Kalinago Experience Pillar of the Ministry – Kalinago Ementchira.

The post by the Tourism Ministry mentioned, “Mabrika, Mabrika! We are one step closer to completing the Kalinago Experience Pillar of the Ministry of Tourism – Kalinago Ementchira!”

“Tourism Minister Denise Charles, Cultural Consultant Roselyn Paul, Ps Lisa Valmond, Tourism, and DDA staff had the honour to discover the Kalinago Territory with Cozier Fredrick, Kalinago Chief Lorenzo Stanford, the Kalinago Council, and other cultural persons from the Kalinago space,” the ministry added.

Furthermore, it stated that a series of site visits in the Kalinago Territory was conducted, which included stops at sites with intrinsic, heritage, and cultural value; Small Tourism Enterprises; and the Kalinago Barana Aute!

The Tourism Ministry of Dominica stated that in order of priority, the intention is to register all aspects of the Kalinago Experience and develop an action plan for the development/enhancement of sites, enhancement of small Tourism enterprises, storylines, marketing, and packaging.

“This will further improve the livelihood of our Kalinago people while allowing visitors to get the true Kalinago experience when visiting Dominica!” the authority outlined.

A day earlier, the Tourism Ministry shared an update about one of the important events of the country, SUNRISE. The ministry assured that this time, it will be bigger than ever. The event has been scheduled to be organised on February 17, 2023 (Friday).

The ministry mentioned, “On Friday, February 17, we are going to Party till Sunrise at Carnival City! Get ready to experience the 3rd edition of the Dominica Signature Event! An opportunity to experience incredible local and regional talent right here on the nature island of Dominica!”

It furthermore appealed, “Purchase advanced tickets online at or visit DDA/DFC office in Roseau! Asa Bantan, Killa, The Cut Creator DJ Outkast & Kenny G Booked!”