Dominica observes Tourism Awareness Month with exciting activities

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Roseau, Dominica: Dominica celebrates May as the Tourism Awareness Month of the year 2024. In respect to this, a month-long activities are announced by the tourism Authority of the country. From May 1, these commenced and have been gracing the country.

Till today, nine events have already taken place in the nation and several others are scheduled to set the mark of joy and excitement in the nation. At the beginning of the month, Jazz ‘n Creole Festival captured all the limelight by offering a great time to the people of the country and around.

On May 4, 2024, Jazz in Paradise enriched the nation with a plethora of activities and great musical experiences. The ones who revealed their participation in the event had an opportunity to be the part of great Jazz music, mouth-watering cuisines, nature tours and art exhibitions.

Moreover, the electrifying performances by several of the artists celebrating art, music and love extended the vibrant experiences marking joyous times in the country. Further, Jazz ‘n Creole held in the country on May 5, 2024 at Fort Shirley, Cabrits National Park. It showcased the fusion of Jazz and Creole.

Significantly, various of the events that are yet to spread all the magic in the country are listed as follows-

May 16 – Local Government Paix-Bouche/Dos Dane Village Council Treasure Hunt
May 17 – DOMFESTA: Fusion-Roseau Promenade
May 18 – DHTA Hike Fest #3
May 21 – DOMFESTA ART Exhibition (staff visit to northeast)
May 23 – DOMFESTA: Africa Day Celebrations
May 24 – DOMFESTA Art Exhibition (Happy Hour at Fort Young Hotel)

For May 25, several events have been scheduled, which are-

DHTA Hike Fest #3 (Night Hike): Fresh Water Lake Loop Trail DOMFESTA: Pan in Harmony at Fort Young Hotel
DOMFESTA: Africa Day Celebrations

Even more, events are scheduled that include Church Service, Destination Dominica Radio Program and Staycation Lunch. All the exciting activities under the awareness month will extend great experience to the public.

George Henry
George Henry
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