Dominica: UWP tries to halt ongoing developmental projects with false allegations

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Roseau, Dominica: Dominica has been recently undergoing several developmental projects, however it has come to light that the party in opposition, the United Workers Party (UWP) of Dominica is trying to halt the ongoing projects by spreading false allegations.

It is on record that UWP has been continuously trying to create barriers in the developmental tasks that are envisioned to serve the Dominicans either by making their lives easier or contributing by increasing their living standards and generating employment opportunities.

If this time the United Workers Party is successful in stumbling the progress of the construction that is going on at the new international airport and several other projects like Tranquility Beach Resort, Geothermal Plant Project, Dominica Cable Car and sustainable housing projects. The stoppage would lead to the wastage of economic resources of the nation and that would cause turmoil in the economic functioning of Dominica.

Tranquility Beach Resort Dominica underway. PC: Facebook
Tranquility Beach Resort Dominica underway. PC: Facebook

Such tribulations in the progression will be harmful and devastating and will crash the dreams of Dominicans. Recently, an economic analyst during an interview stated, that Dominica is on the right path towards progress and will witness an estimated growth of 4.6% if the projects like Tranquility Beach Resort, Geothermal Power Plant and other transformative projects are completed on time.

The critics have stated that these transformative projects will be a game changer for the economy of Dominica.

Due to the ongoing dearth spread by the United Workers Party (UWP), the residents of the Dominica are in rage, as the citizens are well aware of the progress that the island nation has witnessed under the leadership of Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit led administration.

A resident named Kenneth shared that “the International Airport is going in the right direction and on time. How can the rivals complain about it?”

“Eventually, the rivals will use their own faults against themselves and be called out by the aware and informed citizens of Dominica,” he added.

Dominica International Airport. PC: Facebook
Dominica International Airport. PC: Facebook

The United Workers Party (UWP), under the leadership of Lennox Linton, has always been involved in the activities that would hamper the upscaling of the country. Maybe it’s their strategy to win the chair by these tactics.

Lennox Linton has been in news earlier as well for wrong reasons, he was exposed by an investigation conducted by Al-Jazeera, which unveiled that he has signed and official document that assured a diplomatic passport to a businessman, Terry Baron in exchange of funds.

Linton has been accused of accepting $1 million contribution from businessman Terry Baron to fund his political campaign. He has also been involved in various activities that promoted corruption.

UWP Lennox Linton with businessman Terry Baron. PC: Google Image
UWP Lennox Linton with businessman Terry Baron. PC: Google Image

Recently, he issued a word of caution against the police after they arrested his brother Brian Linton for sharing information regarding the upcoming National Assembly event and other party-related matters.

Also, the UWP initiated a campaign with the name “Do Nothing” for 7 days and encouraged people to do nothing just sit in their homes. Such initiatives are against developing nations and halts the working and growth of the nation.

UWP's Do Nothing Campaign. PC: Facebook
UWP’s Do Nothing Campaign. PC: Facebook

The United Workers Party (UWP), has failed to even present a reliable and concrete manifesto, they have just been in light for the aggressive decisions they have been taking and not having clear vision for the Dominica and its people.

Dominica is currently on a journey to become world’s first climate resilient country, it has world’s longest Cable Car project underway and also is offering a reliable Citizenship by Investment Programme. And the funds accumulated under the CBI programmes are mindfully used by the current government in favour of the Dominicans.

These negative tactics by the United Workers Party (UWP) will be dangerous for the nation, its nationals and can also degrade the reputation that Dominica has earned internationally by overcoming various hardships. The potential repercussions will be faced by the current as well as upcoming generations of Dominica if not tamed.

George Henry
George Henry
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