56-year-old man who allegedly rape minor was found hanging in prison.

56-year-old man discovered hanging in Providence Police Station

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Georgetown, Guyana: A 56-year-old Lloyd David was found hanging in his cell while in custody at Providence Police Station on Monday.

David is considered to be from Eccles, East Bank Demerara, who was arrested by the Police on Monday afternoon and taken to the ‘Lockup’ at the police station, where he was found hanging.

He was arrested following a critical report which was made against him by his 32-year-old wife. Notably, she visited the Providence Police Station in the afternoon on the same day.

Police accompanied the wife to her home, where they arrested David based on her allegations which also included an alleged attempted rape of a minor.

An accused was arrested and directed to the Providence Police Station. He had been booked and placed into custody, and he was asked to join two other persons in the lockups.

It is to be noted that after a few minutes, he assaulted one of the arrested persons, who had to be sent for medical attention. He was placed in a separate cell (by himself) due to his terrible and violent behaviour.

About thirty (30) minutes later, one person in the neighbouring cell shouted that David had committed suicide. As soon as this incident spread like the air, everyone collected together in front of his cell.

They discovered that a 56-year-old tore the jersey he was wearing and tied it to the lockup cell door, and with the help of this, he managed to hang himself, which led to his death.

Reportedly, when police checked his cell, they saw him hanging there, and they immediately summoned EMT personnel. They found that David had no pulse, after which he was declared dead.

They did not find any other marks of violence on the exposed parts of his body. The Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) was contacted to investigate the matter, considering the suspicious circumstances under which David passed away.