Trinidad and Tobago: Officers seize 3 firearms and ammunition, arrests 12 in Arouca

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The Task Force officers, along with the officials of the Arouca Court, conducted an anti-crime exercise in the North Central, Northern and Port of Spain Divisions. They arrested a total of twelve persons and seized firearms and ammunition.

As per police reports, the operation was executed during the Easter weekend on between 12 pm on Thursday to 8 am on Friday. The officers of the Arouca Court and Process Branch received information about an illegal firearm in the Arouca region. 

The police officers responded to the matter and went to the concerned region for investigation. While executing an anti-crime exercise, they recover a firearm and a quantity of ammunition.

They arrested 10 suspects, including one Arouca man in connection to the findings. The other suspects were held on outstanding warrants and traffic offences. They were taken to the police custody. 

In a meanwhile, the Easter Crime Plan of the Port of Spain conducted an exercise in the Woodbrook policing district between 8 pm and 11:45 pm on Thursday. During the operation, the investigating officers seized two firearms and a quantity of ammunition. 

While responding to the matter, the police officials arrested and charged two male suspects. According to the reports, it has been said that the suspects were recognised as 19 and 20-year-olds. They resided in Spain and Laventille, respectively. 

The investigations are ongoing into the matters. The authorities urged the citizens with any information to come forward and assist them in their inquiries. 

Additionally, the people across the region lauded the unwavering commitment and efforts of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Services (TTPS) to combat the increase of crimes in their country through their comments on social media (Facebook). Some of the comments read as, 

“Excellent police work”, quoted one FB user.

“Kudos to our dedicated police services. Blessings and be safe”, commented another. 

However, instead of several anti-crime exercises conducted in T&T, it becomes difficult to combat the problem of crime. Recently, the officers recovered one Maverick 12-gauge shotgun containing six rounds of ammunition and one Glock magazine in the Central Division of the country, 

The Central Division Task Force is investigating the matter. 

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