Arouca Police discovers Taurus G2C pistol near abandoned structure

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: The Arouca Criminal Investigations Department officers arrested a man for possessing a brown Taurus G2C pistol filled with a magazine and contained eight rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition on Sunday. 

According to the reports of T&T police, the investigating officers conducted mobile patrolling in different areas in the north of the country along Arouca and Thomas Trace. While conducting monitoring, they took a pause at an abandoned structure. 

Upon reaching there, the officials saw the suspicious behaviour of three men who were running towards the east direction. The police followed them throughout the site; however, two of them made an attempt to escape by jumping over a gate. 

Further, the Arouca investigating officers managed to catch the third man. A man was identified as a 23-year-old who resided near the Railway Road Extension. 

The police conducted a search of the man, and as per sources, they recovered one brown Taurus G2C pistol, which was loaded with a magazine and contained eight rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition. 

Noting this, the search for a firearm resulted in the immediate arrest of a 23-year-old man, and further investigation of the case is ongoing. The authorities urged zero tolerance for the criminals who are involved in the case. 

Moreover, an Arouca man is currently assisting police with their investigation into the discovery of firearms and ammunition. Notably, the officers advocated for the public to come forward with any information and assist the department in the case. 

Additionally, the news of firearm recovery has been shared by various social media pages and gained public opinion and their concerns regarding an increase in crimes in their country, while some others lauded the work of the police department for their awareness, which resulted in the arrest of one man. 

While reacting to the news, a person named Christine Chase commented, “No bail start giving lifetime for guns. Good work officers.”

Another FB user, by the name of Anthony Cesea wrote, “Mann should be sentenced to 10 years hard labour for least. No mercy on them.”

The rising crimes in Trinidad and Tobago risk the lives of the general public and raise questions about their security in the country. The authorities are advised to take serious action and implement strict laws to curb the nation’s crime problem.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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