Saint Lucia: Windy - the newest member of HelpAWS family

Saint Lucia: Windy – the newest member of HelpAWS family

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Saint Lucia: The Charitable Organisation of Castries, HelpAWS introduced “Windy,” the newest member of the organisation. The little pup was found running around the quarantine area after seeing a car lurking in the area. It’s another “who dun it” situation, with no communication at all from the person who dumped her.

As per the update shared by HelpAWS, she was shaking with fear when the volunteer from the organisation took her in; bad enough to be abandoned, but to be so young and just left in the middle of all the smells and sounds of the shelter must have really put her on edge.

“She is a beautiful little girl with the most gorgeous, soulful eyes that stare deeply into our souls, searching for answers we can’t provide. As much as we’d have liked some communication from whoever dropped off, we also appreciate that they chose to bring her here, to safety, rather than “disposing” of her another way. Don’t worry, baby girl; we’ve got you!” the organisation outlined.

Furthermore, the post informed that it was amazing how a warm bowl of food and a comfortable place to lay their head always helps to put these poor darlings at ease. It’ll take her a bit to realize that the people at the organisation only want to love her and give her the very best of everything, but in the meantime, at least she is full and comfortable. Sadly, that’s more than can be stated for thousands more like her here on the island.

The organisation stated that although their operating budget is constantly stretched thin throughout the year, December tends to be extra draining for us as they have such limited options for flights off the island, and donations are always understandably less during the holiday season. With several “special needs” pups depending on the organisation in Saint Lucia and in Canada, the pressure mounts to ensure that there are enough resources to care for all who are depending on HelpAWS.

Additionally, the post by the organisation informed about the donation ways. “If you would like to sponsor one of these amazing sweethearts this holiday season, donations can be sent via e-transfer, Zelle or PayPal to or @helpaws using Venmo. With each $25+ donation, you’ll receive an e-card from HelpAWS that you can pass on to that “hard to shop for” person in your life to let them know you have donated in their honour,” it stated.

The introductory post by HelpAWS was concluded with appreciation and thanks for continuous as well as generous support by each and every Saint Lucian. “We wish you and yours the best and blessed holiday!” it said.