Saint Lucia: HelpAWS introduces new member who was welcomed on Dec 21
Saint Lucia: HelpAWS introduces new member who was welcomed on Dec 21 Picture Courtesy: HelpAWS Social Media
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Saint Lucia: A Charitable Organisation of Castries, HelpAWS has recently shared the experience of a pup who has only experienced “fear, pain, hunger, cruelty” in her life. A social media post introducing the new little entry in the family.

The post read that she is just a baby, yet she has already suffered more than most of us face in a lifetime. We don’t know why she was on the road or where she was trying to go, but what we do know is that the car that hit her didn’t even bother to stop. Her life didn’t matter to that driver or to other humans she had come into contact with. But it matters to us. She matters to us!

It furthermore informed me that this sweet little baby with a badly broken leg was brought into the shelter this morning. She is malnourished, covered in parasites, and in obvious pain as she tries to move around with her broken limb hanging limply from her body. It doesn’t matter how many times we see maimed or injured animals come through our doors ~ it doesn’t make the sight of their suffering any easier to bear.

While sharing their views, they said that dogs have the most incredible, loving souls, and this little one is no different. Although we know she is in tremendous pain, she still wants to dole out kisses and seems so happy to be in our care, even though she is understandably nervous.

“The problem we face with cases like this is that local veterinary services are extremely limited. It’s not like being in North America, where she would receive proper care for the broken limb and most likely make a full recovery. Unfortunately, the best we can do here is keep her as comfortable as possible until we are able to send her to Canada or the US, where she can be treated and, hopefully, not need to have her leg amputated,” it stated.

HelpAWS further said, “On top of the thousands of dollars we spend to care for and find homes for each animal that comes through the shelter, these special needs cases cost thousands and thousands more. Of course, each life is 100% priceless to us, and this little girl is no different. We will do whatever it takes to ensure she never again has to face life on her own, scared and in danger. But to do that, we need your help!”

While informing about the donation ways, the organisation informed that if one would like to donate to help offset the cost of care this tiny girl needs, donations can be sent to using PayPal, Zelle or etransfer or to @donate using Venmo.