Saint Lucia: HelpAWS shares update on five little pups, who recently joined organisation
Saint Lucia: HelpAWS shares update on five little pups, who recently joined organisation Picture Courtesy: HelpAWS Facebook

Saint Lucia: Charitable Organisation of Castries – HelpAWS, has shared story of 5 little pups whose mom was dumped next to their doors. The organisation shared a post on its social media and expressed that the animals that come don’t ask to be born, let alone to be mistreated the way they are; sadly, this litter of 5 had a brutal start even before they showed up.

As per the official post of HelpAWS, their mom was dumped next to the ocean while she was pregnant. A friend up north noticed when visiting a local bar they saw her swimming really late in the evening, alone, cold and scared.

They immediately rescued her, covering her in extra clothes they had and brought from home. This girl was lucky; unlike many others on the island, she was provided with a warm bed, food and shelter. They quickly realized she was pregnant, and within a couple of weeks, five adorable babies showed up, the post further read.

“Unfortunately, they weren’t able to care for them all and reached out to us for help. We could not say no and immediately began to organize transport to the shelter. They were obviously very shaken up from the ride, as it was almost a two-hour journey from the north of the island to the south,” the post by the organisation read.

It further stated that they were fed, medicated and settled into their pen. Understandably unsure at first, it took them a bit to realize they were now safe. Though they were well taken care of before, sadly, these guys were starving and dehydrated. We made sure they had lots to drink and were treated for all those nasty parasites that sadly are so susceptible to in the warm Caribbean climate.

HelpAWS concluded its message and stated, “We are so happy the mother has a safe place to stay and will be getting spayed soon! In the meantime, we now have five more hungry mouths to feed, and we can’t do it without your help.”

While informing about the ways to donate, it said, “Donations can be sent via e-transfer, Zelle, and PayPal to or Venmo to @helpaws. Thank you for your continued generosity; we truly can’t do it without all of you.”