Saint Lucia: HelpAWS highlights experience with sheltered dog ‘Buster’
Saint Lucia: HelpAWS highlights experience with sheltered dog ‘Buster’

Saint Lucia: The dog-adoption charitable organisation of Castries, HelpAWS, has shared the experience of Buster, who was re-left to the shelter after being adopted in January 2022. While sharing their personal experience, the organisation stated that when the babies leave the organisation at the shelter, they all have mixed emotions as they have spent so much time with them. All volunteers get sad as they won’t be able to see them every day, but HelpAWS is so thrilled that pups are off to what hope is their forever home.

As per the post by the organisation, one of the most important questions asked during the interview process is “IS THERE ANY REASON WHY YOU WOULD REHOME A DOG” the volunteers always get the same responses along the lines of they wouldn’t and that they would work through any issues.


“We trust that our potential adopters are being honest and that our babies are going to have the best lives. Unfortunately, for some, they don’t get their forever families on the first try, and while it breaks our hearts that they have to be returned to our care for whatever reason, we know it’s just another step in their journey,” the post added.

While citing the example of a sweet dog, Buster, the organisation stated, “This is the case for sweet Buster. Dumped outside our shelter without a second thought and left to chase his so-called owner down the road. Even after what happened to him when we took him in, he was still very loving and sweet, always giving us kisses. Considering he must’ve spent the first part of his life on a chain, he is a very excitable guy, requiring lots of exercises.”

Furthermore, it informed that he’s had some professional training sessions and would be a great pal to someone whose daily life is outdoorsy & active. Buster is SMART and treats/toy motivated, and quickly learned to heel, pivot, centre, sit, stay, and wait. He is also crate-trained and does well on a leash. Because of his size and energy level, we will not consider households with young children.

In addition to this, it outlined that Buster has displayed some nipping towards his current female owner, but both trainers have stated he is not aggressive. He is a lover, not a fighter; a type A pup looking for a type A pal who would rather hike and run than sit on the couch watching TV. He was adopted in January of 2022 but, unfortunately, has now been relinquished back to HelpAWS. Buster requires a lot of exercise and stimulation to be happy.

HelpAWS appealed, “Please don’t pass this guy by; he deserves someone to give him a chance; we know with the right person and activities, he will excel!”