Saint Lucia Health Ministry shares update on two ongoing surveys, asks public to cooperate
Saint Lucia Health Ministry shares update on two ongoing surveys, asks public to cooperate

Saint Lucia: The Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs has informed the general public of Saint Lucia about their latest ongoing surveys. The ministry has been currently working on two surveys, first on the effects of COVID-19 causing the SARS-CoV-2 virus on diet, exercise and non-communicable diseases and second on Universal Health Coverage.

The government and Health Ministry have explained that the data collected from the surveys will help the administration in developing policies and plans, which will assist in serving the population of Saint Lucia in a better way.

The ministry was also informed about the methodology of the survey. It outlined that the survey of Universal Health Coverage will be an online survey (e-survey). The link, associated with the topic, will be sent to the public via text messages, Zimbra email or social media pages and the official website of the government of Saint Lucia.

On the contrary, the survey on the effect of COVID-19 on exercise, diet and non-communicable will be conducted by telephone by trained personnel of the Ministry of Health. The ministry further stated that this survey would focus on non-communicable diseases, including hypertension and diabetes.

Furthermore, while issuing a warning to the public of Saint Lucia, the government stated that the Ministry of Health would not involve in any in-person or face-to-face surveys. It added that no one from the ministry anyone will visit the homes of the people to conduct the surveys.

It also appealed to the population to be patient and vigilant while participating in the surveys as they will directly or indirectly affect the new plans and policies of the government for the people. For the convenience of the people, it also provided contact details of the Universal Health Coverage Director – at 4685331 and the office of the Chief Medical Officer at 468530.

The government of Saint Lucia has been counting it as another step towards the growth and development of the health infrastructure of the country. It has taken many steps and initiatives to improve the health sector and now possesses one of the best (sectors) in the Caribbean region. The hospitals and medical care centres of Saint Lucia are equipped with modern facilities and technologies which assist the people of the country whenever needed.

Earlier, the health ministry of Saint Lucia received two-panel vans, universal transport kits, infrared thermometers etc., which were later divided among the hospitals in the country, including St Jude Hospital and Ezra Long Lab at the OKEU Hospital. It is anticipated that these medical supplies will help the nation in growing and uplifting its health care and medical sector.