World gathers to wish Saint Lucia on Saint Lucia Day 2022

World gathers to wish Saint Lucia on Saint Lucia Day 2022

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Saint Lucia: The world gathered to wish the nation on the occasion of Saint Lucia Day 2022. The day is celebrated on December 13, 2022, to commemorate the martyr Lucia of Syracuse, who was used to bringing food to Christians hiding in Roman catacombs, lighting her way with a candlelit wreath on her head.

While wishing Saint Lucians on this day, Kindred Group organised an annual Swedish tradition celebrating Lucia, an ancient mythical figure bearing light in dark Swedish winters.

As per the social media update by the group, the day was celebrated with the traditional choir process in a ‘Lucia-train’ with Lucia wearing a candle headdress and the chorus in white gowns carrying candles. Kindred employees in Stockholm were treated to glögg and lussekatter (mulled wine and saffron buns) while they watched the celebrations!

Another Facebook user, named Mrs DillyDally, also wished the nation and wrote, “Happy Saint Lucia Day! I was up early making Swedish saffron buns to commemorate the day! It is a tradition begun by our daughter in 1995 … all the memories along with all the feelings! 🥹 Am so grateful I wrote memories directly in the cookbook!”

She further added, “We tried to go out the road, but conditions made us decide to turn around and head back to town. We did work in a walk… it was messy and icy. The pups had lots of wiggles to work out, so it was worth getting wet! My Father Christmas Platoon kept me company while working undercover this afternoon. They are filled with happy, dillydally memories!”

‘Find My Genealogy’ also took Facebook to share the importance of the day and stated that Santa Lucia or Saint Lucia day is known as the festival of lights in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Saint Lucia was a Christian who brought food to Christians hiding in Roman catacombs. She was killed by the Romans for her religious beliefs in 300 AD.

Her social media post furthermore read that this Scandinavian tradition includes a young girl putting a wreath topped with candles on her head. She then walks through a dimly lit home bearing a tray of delicious treats or “Fika” to bless her family and friends. This tradition brings light and joy into the middle of the long dark winter.

“Light a candle tonight in honour of Santa Lucia and her charity!” she appealed while concluding her post.

Denyelle Hoffman, named user, noted, “Saint Lucia Day… remember her steadfast faith in the goodness of God, her peace in knowing that everything she owned was a gift, and her willingness to share abundantly with anyone in need.”