Saint Lucia: “We only live in this moment," says Dy PM Ernest Hilaire

Saint Lucia: “We only live in this moment,” says Dy PM Ernest Hilaire

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Ernest Hilaire – The Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia has shared a meaningful and thoughtful message with the residents of the country. In his message, he stated that one should be living in the present moment and focus on what can be done today instead of worrying about things which cannot be controlled.

As per the updates, Deputy Prime Minister Ernest Hilaire took to his official social media handle to reach out to his fellow Saint Lucians in order to convey his positive message. While sharing the message, he wrote in his Facebook caption, “We only live in this moment. Have a blessed Wednesday.”

Meanwhile, he called the citizens and residents of Saint Lucia and stated a way of living a peaceful life while not carrying some sort of expectations from anyone. He pointed out that one can achieve peace of mind and soul through living in the present moment, as it allows a person to soak in things going around in the surroundings and be grateful for the beautiful gift of life given by the Almighty.

Through his message, he conveyed that living in the present moment may seem easy at first but is actually very hard in these times, especially when there are countless distractions around us. 

He noted that being present at the moment should be the goal in a life full of uncertainties and unexpected turns as it provides a person with a chance to express gratitude and have a reflection towards all accomplishments that he has achieved.

Moreover, The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information, Ernest Hilaire, also uploaded an inspirational quote on his Facebook post, which read, “Make every moment of the day memorable.” 

By this, he urged the people of Caribbean Island that every moment of the day is special and holds an unseen significance as how a person uses his time adds up to the outcome of a full life.

It is said that if a person focuses on the present deeds and how he can make a small change in the world on his part, every small step which has some significance is essential and memorable. 

Dy PM Hilaire outlined that being helpful to others without having any expectations of getting something in return is the trait which leaves a mark on people’s minds, which is also the ‘Mantra’ of living a stress-free life.