CEO Mc Claude Emmanuel aims to enhance reputation of Saint Lucia CIP
CEO Mc Claude Emmanuel aims to enhance reputation of Saint Lucia CIP
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Castries, Saint Lucia: CEO of the Citizenship by Investment Unit of Saint Lucia- Mc Claude Emmanuel is on the drive to strengthen the reputation and stature of the CIP which is now one of the most sought-after investment programmes.

With his new policies and plans, the Saint Lucia CIP has positioned itself as a firm favourite among investors despite it only being around for less than a decade. Now, the situation is that high-net-worth individuals are aiming to become citizens of Saint Lucia with attractive investment benefits. CEO Emmanuel is planning to evolve the Saint Lucia CIP so that it contributes to a positive view of the programme.

Despite being the newest programme in the industry, Saint Lucia has efficiently enhanced itself and marked the reason for investors to get interested in such an investment programme. The increasing demand for the programme has evidently shown the hard work of CEO Emmanuel and its efficient team.

All such aspects have significantly contributed to Saint Lucia CIP getting ranked third in the CBI Index of the PWM Magazine of Financial Times. The Citizenship by Investment Programme of Saint Lucia secured top spots in the nine pillars of the CBI Index such as Minimum investment outlay, Ease of processing, Mandatory travel, and Residence.

With an aim to be stable in a peaceful destination, the investors are considering Saint Lucia CIP as an efficient platform through which they can hedge and protest their investments. It became an effective tool for investors to enhance their portfolios and expand their footprints in the business world. In order to provide the perfect platform to investors for the security of their future, CEO Emmanuel has launched several campaigns and initiatives.

Along with that, CEO Mc Claude Emmanuel has been primarily focusing on the parameters of the robust due-diligence checks of the applicants applying for Saint Lucia CIP. He stated that they will compromise with the integrity of their programme and give citizenship to only reputable and honest people. All applicants are qualified after a rigorous due diligence check is applied.

He is also on the path to further strengthen the National Economic Fund option which allows investors to fund government-owned projects aimed at developing infrastructure and facilities that will advance St Lucia’s economy. The minimum contribution amount is US$100,000 per single applicant.