CEO Mc Claude Emmanuel plans to reposition Saint Lucia CIP for locals and HNWIs

CEO Mc Claude Emmanuel plans to reposition Saint Lucia CIP for locals and HNWIs

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Mc Claude Emmanuel- CEO of the Citizenship by Investment Programme of Saint Lucia has been planning to reposition the programme by making it more effective for local as well as high net-worth individuals.

While adopting bold initiatives, CEO Emmanuel has been working tirelessly to offer the best to the investors, which could meet their requirements. He added that with Saint Lucia CIP, investors can fulfil their life goals such as travelling purposes and business opportunities and plan their life after retirement.

With his innovative strategies, Emmanuel managed to attract investors and make it easy for them to plan their retirement efficiently. It helps them escape the ordinary and boring lifestyle and immerse into the life of abundance on the Caribbean island.

CEO Mc Claude Emmanuel stated that the unit has been working to establish the programme as the most suited platform among the HNWIs and stated that Saint Lucia consisted of a growing economy and stable business environment which supports the growth and development of its businesses, investors, and citizens.

He noted that the funds generated by the CIP of Saint Lucia are used for the development of the country, and the impact must benefit every Saint Lucian. Through this Fund, highways, bridges, schools and hospitals have been upgraded and built. Mc Claude Emmanuel also explained the importance of the National Economic Fund and stated that by choosing the investment option, investors can become a citizen of the world’s best honeymoon destination.

He has been working to make it easy for entrepreneurs to do business which will assist investors in connecting with the world. The low cost of living coupled with the high quality of life makes it the ideal place to live. Saint Lucia’s way of life, has a universal appeal that simply cannot be matched.

CEO Emmanuel has also been working to make it an ideal platform for retirement life as it will provide a chance for them to settle down in the country where the future is certain and secure.

Saint Lucia CIP has been moving ahead with plans to position itself as efficient alternative citizenship to investors in the investment mobility industry under the leadership of Mc Claude Emmanuel. As the world is dealing with uncertainty, entrepreneurs have been looking for stable, safe as well as peaceful destinations in which to move or start their businesses. Economic citizenship is the right choice for them. Investors can protect and grow their wealth by investing in alternative citizenship, which helps in portfolio diversification as well as wealth planning.