Saint Lucia Sports Academy tour to Dominica to participate in U17 tournaments
Saint Lucia Sports Academy tour to Dominica to participate in U17 tournaments || Picture Courtesy: Saint Lucia Sports Academy (Facebook)

Castries, Saint Lucia: The Saint Lucia Sports Academy, a public school established in September 2019, is on tour to the neighbouring country, the Commonwealth of Dominica, to participate in a two-match U17 cricket tournament. The cricket matches are scheduled to be held on April 11 and April 12.

According to a social media post by the Sports Division of Dominica, two teams will be contesting in a two-match T20 series. Through the post, the sports division has also announced the official team of Dominica Combines Schools.


Sports Division informed, “The Sports Division names players to represent the Dominica Combined Schools U17 Cricket Team in a two-match T20 series vs the visiting Saint Lucia Sports Academy at 1 pm on Tuesday, 11th, and Wednesday, April 12.”

The list of the players of Dominica is as follows:

Stephan Pascal – Academix
Lluvio Charles – PSS
Ammiel Gilbert – PSS
Tyrone Joseph – PSS
Joel Durand – NECS
Kishawn Viville – NECS
Darin Toussaint – NECS
Jahson Vidal – DSC
Kyne George – DSC
Edmund Morancie – DGS
Dionne Rolle – DGS
Zack Bastien – PCSS
Elly Bernard – CBSS

Along with this, Saint Lucia Sports Academy will also participate in U17 Football Competition in the Commonwealth of Dominica. The Sports Division has shared the list of players who will participate in the football competition. The sporting event will be held on April 11 and 12 at Benjamin’s Park, Dominica.

As per the update by the Sports Division of Dominica, the players selected from the recent Secondary Schools Football Championship are:

1. Jaheim Cuffy – ITSS
2. Kelvin Henry-PSS
3. Jaylan Jno.Ville -Academix
4. Elvon Clifton John – SMA
5. Sheran Charles – CBSS
6. Noah Joseph – DGS
7. Malachi Labad – DGS
8. Jaheim Ford – DGS
9. Dhamario Challenger – CBSS
10. Chance Marshall – DGS
11. Malachi Bonney – DGS
12. Tourie Christmas – CBSS
13. Ajani Richards – DGS
14. Mateo Riviere – ITSS
15. Terrance Winston – CBSS
16. Lyan Edwards – CBSS
17. Fabio Drigo – CBSS
18. Josimah Gustave – GSS