Saint Lucia to host National Storyboard Competition, Know Guidelines. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Saint Lucia to host National Storyboard Competition, Know Guidelines

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information of Saint Lucia is all set to host the National Storyboard Competition. It is being conducted by the tourism authority for the storyboards to inform the design of Saint Lucia’s first underwater Sculpture Park along the west coast.

The National Storyboard Competition is a component of unleashing the Blue Economy of the Caribbean Project. It was launched on 11th April 2024 and serves as the initiative which aimed at promoting economic growth through the promotion of marine and coastal resilience across various sectors such as tourism, fisheries and waste management. The project was established to enhance climate resilience, sustainability within Saint Lucia’s blue economy.

Therefore, the tourism authority intended to encourage the participation of maximum number of Saint Lucians in the overall design of the underwater sculptures.

Moreover, the tourism authority of Saint Lucia also sheds light on the themes and concepts of the competition. The interested candidate can utilize one theme out of culture, heritage or history in three different stories for each of the three sites.

The interested candidate has the choice they can also utilize three different themes (Culture, Heritage and History) for three individual stories which means applying one theme per story to inform storyboard for three sites.

The National Storyboard Competition is open to all the individuals from age 10. Also, the storyboard should be unique and distinguishable from any previous work done or entered into national competitions. The Tourism Ministry of Saint Lucia also unveiled the prizes for each storyboard. The winner will be awarded EC$10,500, the second position holder will receive EC$3500 and the second runner-up will be given EC$2000 as the winning amount.

“Get creative with your storyboard and win BI,” noted Saint Lucia Tourism Authority.

The interested candidate can register themselves by visiting Office of Ministry of Tourism. They can register themselves by sending email at or The last date to get themselves registered is 26th June 2024 by 4:30 pm.

Such competitions play a huge role in fostering the creativity of the citizens and giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents, skills and abilities.