Netball tournament organised by Ministry of Youth Development and Sports of Saint Lucia. Picture Credits: Ministry of Youth Development and Sports - Saint Lucia, Facebook page.

Saint Lucia Ministry of Youth Development and Sports organises Netball Tournament

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A Netball tournament was organised by the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports of Saint Lucia on Thursday, 19th October, at two different venues.

The competition was held in two categories, which included under 15 and under 19 teams.


Under 15 years game: 

This game was held at the Vigie Multi-Purpose Complex. The match was between the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School and Babonneau Secondary School. The match timing was 11:00 am. One of the teams, Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School, could not reach for the game. Therefore, this match was not able to come to a conclusion.


Under 19 years game:

The second match was conducted between the under 19 teams. The game was held between St. Joseph’s Convent School and Castries Comprehensive Secondary School. The winner of this match was St. Joseph’s Convent School. Castries Comprehensive Secondary School faced a massive defeat with a score of 17-4. It was a very low-scoring match as the game became utterly one-sided. It did not leave any sense of excitement and suspense in the audience. 


Ministry of Youth Development and Sports of Saint Lucia conducted another set of matches.

Two more matches of the Netball Tournament were held at Micoud Court. These two matches were also held between those under 15 teams.


First match: The Micoud Court witnessed the game between Micoud Secondary School and Choiseul Secondary School. At the end of the allotted time, both teams scored eight goals each. Thus, the netball game ended with a draw.


Second match: 

The second game was played with Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School and Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School. The match was won by Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School, scoring seven more than the other team as the game ended with a final score of 13-6.


The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports of Saint Lucia’s primary objective in conducting this tournament was to encourage the youth to foster competitiveness, leadership qualities and a team spirit. Such initiatives of introducing sports to the youngsters boosts their spirit and helps in enhancing their skills.


Moreover, such sporting tournaments will also engage the young blood in sports, promoting their fitness level and general sense of well being.