Saint Lucia: Know new fuel rates here!
Saint Lucia: Know new fuel rates here! Picture Courtesy: Government of Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia: The government of Saint Lucia and the Ministry of Commerce has announced the change in the fuel prices in the nation. The price of petroleum products has changed after witnessing changes in international oil prices as well as the application of the government of the modified market pass-through petroleum pricing mechanism.

The government has informed that the pricing of the LPG 100 LB cylinders has been changed, whereas the price of the other products, including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and LPG 20 and 22lb cylinders, will remain unchanged until further announcement.


The new prices will be adopted in the market of Saint Lucia from November 28, 2022, as per the statement by the government.

The authorities furthermore informed that the price of ‘gasoline’ would remain unchanged at $3.89 per litre or $17.70 per gallon, the price of ‘kerosene’ would remain the same as the previous week at $3.14 per litre or $14.26 per gallon, and ‘diesel’ will cost $3.89 per litre or $17.70 per gallon for the next week.

Additionally, a 20-pound cylinder of 9.07 kg witnesses no change in price and will remain at $45.27 per cylinder; on a similar breadth, the price of a 22-pound cylinder of 9.98 kg will also remain the same at $49.79 per cylinder.

On the contrary, the cost of 100 Pound Cylinder of 45.36kg has decreased from $321.02 to $307.24 per cylinder.

The government of Saint Lucia further informed that it would provide a subsidy for a 20 lb cylinder (9.07kg) at $16.18 per cylinder and a 22 lb cylinder (9.98kg) at $17.80 per cylinder.

The authorities have stated that the next change in the prices will be announced on December 19, 2022 (Monday); it is expected that the next modification will be the last for this year.