Saint Lucia: HelpAWS welcomes Pinot to the family
Saint Lucia: HelpAWS welcomes Pinot to the family

Castries, Saint Lucia: Castries-based dog shelter, HelpAWS, has shared an update regarding the new pup Pinot who was dropped by a lady to the organisation. The organisation took it to social media and stated, “There’s Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir, and now there’s this little guy, Pinot HelpAWS!”

Further, it stated that this sweet little Pinot was found all alone in some bushes by a kind woman who took him in, bathed him, and filled his hungry belly before reaching out to the organisation to take him in. He is tiny, weighing in at less than 1kg (or just over 2 lbs). In a perfect world, this little bean would still be nursing from his mama and snuggling with his littermates, but HelpAWS all know this world is far from perfect. At around one month old, Pinot is going to need some extra TLC from the shelter staff to ensure he is able to grow up strong and healthy.

It also outlined that he may be tiny, but he sure has big opinions! He wasn’t at all happy about being confined in his quarantine kennel once the organisation got him all checked in, and he certainly let the volunteers know it! His little yaps could be heard throughout the shelter, giving it a hint of the tenacity and fight he has in him. “But we’ll take opinionated puppies all day, every day, over those that come to us too weak to do anything other than to lie down and hide in a corner,” the dog shelter mentioned.

HelpAWS also stated that “Pinot has the sweetest face and the most handsome markings. We love that his itty bitty feet look like he is wearing tiny white socks! He was covered in fleas and ticks when found, but those little vermin will be dead and gone soon now that he has been treated, which should help him start to feel a lot more comfortable.”

“Babies this small need special care, which requires a lot more time from our shelter team. With the shelter already full of babies and several little ones in Canada who have special medical needs, we feel that we are always trying to work our way out of a deficit. We will never turn away an animal in need, but we need your help to make sure we continue to have the staff and resources available to help them all. Please consider donating to using e-transfer, PayPal, or Zelle or to @helpaws using Venmo. Your donations help us save lives like Pinot!” the organisation concluded.