Saint Lucia: HelpAWS bids goodbye to little pup Tigger!

Saint Lucia: HelpAWS bids goodbye to little pup Tigger!

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The animal welfare organisation of Castries, HelpAWS, shared a heartfelt post about pup Tigger, who lost his life on March 13, 2023 (Monday). While sharing the update, the organisation noted, “Our hearts are broken. If only love could have healed you if only hope could have carried you through.”

Further, it shared a brief of the life of the pup. It noted, “You, darling boy, touched all of our souls with your fighting spirit. There was just something about you that was so special you wanted to run and play and roughhouse with your brother and sister. You wanted to be a “normal” puppy and live each day to the fullest without feeling pain or exhaustion. You deserved all that and more.”

“We had so much hope for you and wanted nothing more than to see you live a beautiful, long life, honey, even though we knew the odds were against you,” HelpAWS mentioned, adding, “We see such devastation every day and often wonder how life can be so unfair. Why do precious, innocent babies have to suffer? Indeed, their pure hearts deserve so much more than the neglect and torment they often are subjected to. We don’t know if Tigger was born with his condition or if he had an injury that caused it before coming to the shelter, but we do know this little, itty-bitty guy left indelible pawprints on all of our hearts.”

Moreover, according to the post, Tigger came into the shelter about three weeks ago with his sister, Audrey, and his brother, Archie. It was evident at first glance that he wasn’t well. He was tiny – not even half as big as his brother and sister, his head was severely enlarged, and his eyes were poorly formed. The best guess of the volunteers of the organisation was that Tigger had hydrocephalus, a serious, often life-threatening, condition caused by an abnormal expansion and accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in cavities inside the brain.

Additionally, HelpAWS stated, “The prognosis was bleak, and we knew Tigger’s only hope was to get him to our vet in Toronto. Unfortunately, he was never big enough, and his health was not stable enough for him to make the flight. Our little Tigger crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. He was small, but he had a huge impact on all of us in the few short weeks we were lucky enough to love him.”

In the end it wished, “Run free and happy, sweet boy. You are free now.”