Saint Lucia: HelpAWS informed about benefits of spaying and neutering of pets
Saint Lucia: HelpAWS informed about benefits of spaying and neutering of pets || Picture Courtesy: HelpAWS

Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS, the dog shelter organisation of Castries, Saint Lucia, has recently shared an update about benefits of spaying and neutering pets. The organisation also shared an update regarding three pups who recently joined HelpAWS.

The social media post by the organisation mentioned, “Imagine how different life on the island would be if more people spayed and neutered their dogs. For many, it’s not a matter of not caring – it’s a matter of not understanding the procedure is available and/or not being able to afford to have it done.”

It further noted that educating the people of Saint Lucia regarding the benefits of spaying and neutering their pets, as well as continuing to host our annual high volume spay and neuter clinics, where they can bring their animals free of charge to have the surgery performed, are just two of the essential services we provide in our effort to foster change.

“These three little babes came to us after being born to a Mama dog that belongs to a woman on the island. There were originally four pups in the litter, but one died shortly after birth. The woman loves her dog and has cared for the puppies to the best of her ability before reaching out and asking us to take them in,” it outlined.

Additionally, the organisation mentioned that they are only about a month old, and although the organisation always prefer that the pups are able to stay with mama to get the health and nutritional benefits of nursing, in this case, the volunteers were to take them in a bit younger to ensure their safety and well-being. HelpAWS has taken in 7 pups over the last few days and is busy rearranging pens and kennels to make room for more.

While concluding the post and asking the people for donations, the organisation stated, “With more puppies coming in and adoption applications at an all-time low, we need your help to continue to take care of these babies. If you would like to help contribute to these babies and others in our care, please consider donating via Etransfer, PayPal or Zelle to or via Venmo to @helpaws. We truly appreciate your support!”