Royal Montserrat Police Service shares update on Curating Crises Project

Royal Montserrat Police Service shares update on Curating Crises Project

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Montserrat: The Royal Montserrat Police Service has shared an update that two members of the Police Service and one member of the Montserrat Fire & Rescue Services contributed to the ongoing series of Murals as part of the Curating Crises Project.

As per the update, the research project explores the consequences of colonialism on the creation and sharing of scientific knowledge in response to volcanic crises in the Eastern Caribbean region, emphasising several volcanic and/or seismic crises in several places, especially in Dominica, St Vincent, and Montserrat. It is funded through the UK Research and Innovation Department ‘Hidden Stories’ research grant.

It added that the “Curating Crises” utilised several artistic/scientific activities, including mural painting as well as film-making, to impact the local community through increasing volcanic risk awareness, environment and culture and bringing to the forefront our rich history, using roughly a similar approach as it was done with the Mountain Aglow project at the primary schools.

The officers using their artistic talents/skills to contribute to the project were;
Police Constable no. 33 C Carlisle
Police Constable no. 38 D Lavinier
Fire Fighter J Richards

The Murals worked on are located at the Montserrat Secondary School and Victor’s Supermarket – Davy Hill.

Earlier, on 30th March 2023, Police Constable (PC) no.77 Kevilon St Louis was appointed Cadet Adult Sergeant (Sgt) by the Montserrat Cadet Corps. PC St Louis, assigned to the Marine Department as a Deckhand, has been actively involved with the cadet program as a Permanent Staff Instructor for the past year and a half.

The Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) continued to support the Montserrat Cadet Corps as both entities work on moulding young people into model leaders and citizens. The RMPS proudly congratulated Cadet Adult Sgt St Louis on his most recent appointment, and we wish him and the Montserrat Cadet Corps well.

The Police Service also mentioned that PC St Louis in the photo received his rank insignia from Captain Glenroy Foster on behalf of the Cadet Corps Commandant.