Meet Ingrid Osborne, a finalists for Top Teacher Category in MCSA Awards
Meet Ingrid Osborne, a finalists for Top Teacher Category in MCSA Awards
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Montserrat: Montserrat Civil Service Association (MCSA) introduced Ingrid Osborne, one of three finalists within the Top Teacher Category in the MCSA Awards Programme 2023. Osborne is employed as a Graduate Trained Teacher currently assigned to the Brades Primary School, rendering instruction to students with Special Education Needs.

As per the update, Ingrid Osborne has been a trained Special Educational Needs Teacher at the Brades Primary School for over ten (10) years. She is directly responsible for the Special Needs Unit of the school, where she supervises and mentors 2 Junior Teachers. She provides meaningful learning experiences and monitors and evaluates a number of pupils who have learning deficiencies.

One of the ways in which Osborne demonstrates her competency is through the development and execution of Individual Education Plans (IEPs). Another critical aspect of her work involves regular dialogues with parents and guardians so as to provide adequate feedback and comments on the progress of students in her care.

Additionally, she readily fills in and or covers for teachers who are absent at all grade levels without any hesitation but, most importantly, executes such tasks with high levels of success. In the Affective Domain, pupils, in particular throughout the school, gravitate to her because of her caring attitude. She has been perceived as a ‘mother figure’, and as such, both teachers and students hold very high respect for her presence at the school.

The ministry further claimed that in addition to this, Osborne is forever ready to go over and beyond to assist in all school activities, whether it be Sports, Concerts or other cultural and social activities on the premises. Osborne is also the Deputy Head Teacher at the school. In this capacity, she carries out these duties in a professional manner and, by extension, is a core member of the Management Team.

On a day-to-day basis, she provides useful ideas in curriculum development and is accessible to pupils at all times in and out of the classroom. Osborne has also been instrumental in contributing to the drafting of the SEN Policy as well as the National Curriculum for the areas that deal with Special Educational Needs.

It concluded, Osborne has received awards for long service in addition to serving for a considerable time in her field of work. She is always professionally attired for work and is quite modest in her appearance.

She displays a bubbly personality but is quite firm when necessary. Osborne conducts herself in a way that is demarked by high standards. She consistently participates in self-improvement training by pursuing short courses in Counseling and Sign Language, which has helped her to grow and be more effective in her profession.

She is self-motivated and is willing to engage in new innovations and or learning experiences. Osborne is well deserving of this Top Teacher Award.