Montserrat: Meet Ronel White, finalist of Top Teacher Category in MCSA Awards Programme 2023
Montserrat: Meet Ronel White, finalist of Top Teacher Category in MCSA Awards Programme 2023 || Picture Courtesy: MCSA Facebook

Montserrat: Montserrat Civil Service Association has introduced Ronel White, who is one of three finalists of the Top Teacher Category in the MCSA Awards Programme 2023. White is employed as a Graduate Trained Teacher currently assigned to the Montserrat Secondary School, rendering instruction to students in the subject areas of English Language and Literature.

As per the update, Ronel White began teaching at the Montserrat Secondary School in September 2018. She holds permanent employment with the Government of Montserrat and is a member of the Montserrat Civil Service Association.

It noted that when the set three (3) students were experiencing challenges, Miss White ensured to lift our spirits, encouraged us, held extra classes, explained further, and showed us that we mattered as students and that we too could have a place in this world, and how to work harder to ensure that we attained not only O’Level passes in English, but in all other subjects.

She knew exactly how to engage in a class and how to keep interested in developing our English skills. She often went beyond the call of duty. She is a no-nonsense individual, but she treated us with respect, and we also gave her respect in return. She is professional, complies with the rules and regulations of the school, and genuinely cares.

MCSA further mentioned that during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, she quickly started her online classes without delay and held classes frequently to ensure that we kept up and completed the syllabus. She always made herself available by creating a WhatsApp chat group, and we were able to complete our English SBAS on time and with quality standards due to her teachings. She taught us how to use Microsoft applications to enhance our work and learning. When we would skip other classes, we were in full attendance in her class, and other students from sets one (1) and two (2) were envious because we were ahead. Many of us in set three (3) attained higher grades than those in the higher sets. This is proof that she is a great teacher.

While concluding the post, the Association mentioned that Miss White is also very resourceful and equipped for work. She planned, organized her work and executed it well, ensuring that her lessons were tailored to meet the needs of each child’s learning style. Classes began on time, flowed well, and she always had a solution for any problem that may have arisen.