CARIFTA50: Four Montserrat players shine in 100M Heats

CARIFTA50: Four Montserrat players shine in 100M Heats

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Montserrat: Montserrat Track Alliance has recently shared an update regarding the results of the ‘athletes 100 metres sprint race’. As per the update, the sprint was organised on Day 2 of the 50th edition of the CARIFTA Games (CARIFTA50) on April 8, 2023 (Saturday).

As per the update, four Montserrat players bagged a position in the sporting event. The players who made the nation proud are Kendecia Meade, Amani Kirnon, Sanjay Weekes and Kyle Wogan.

The Track Alliance mentioned, “Today, on April 8, 2023, Montserrat’s athletes participated in the 100M Heats at CARIFTA50 in The Bahamas.”

Here are the results:

Event: U17 100m
Place: 6th
Time: 15.47s

Event: U20 100m
Place: 7th
Time: 12.55s

Event: U20 100m
Place: 3rd
Time: 11.19s (Personal Best)

Event: U20 100m
Place: 7th
Time: 11.86s

While sharing the further update regarding the event and Montserrat players, the Track Alliance mentioned, “Unfortunately, Kendecia developed an injury during the race, but she pushed her way to the finish line. We wish her a full as well as speedy recovery.”

In addition to this, it stated, “Congratulations to Sanjay, who achieved his personal best!! Unfortunately, our athletes have yet to advance to the Semifinals today.”

Furthermore, it anticipated a successful Day 3 for the nation. The post added, “We look forward to seeing them in the 200m tomorrow.”

“Go team MONTSERRAT!!” it said while concluding the post.