Montserrat Volcano Observatory unveils murals at Secondary School
Montserrat Volcano Observatory unveils murals at Secondary School || Picture Courtesy: MVO - Montserrat
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Montserrat: Montserrat Volcano Observatory unveiled the mural by The Goodness Tour at the Montserrat Secondary School earlier this week.

As per the official update by the observatory, the Goodness Tour is a non-profit with extensive experience in artistic training of communities during natural hazards recovery, including the islands within the Caribbean.

The Montserrat Volcano Observatory, through the Curating Crises Project and in partnership and discussions with a wide cross-section of organizations and individuals, has developed a multifaceted community project geared at increasing volcanic risk awareness and encapsulating Montserrat’s volcanic history. Through the community project, several murals will be painted across the island.

The mural at the Montserrat Secondary School was designed by the following 15 students, which are as follows:

Keilah Ryan
Hadassah Williams
Amara O’Donoghue
Muskaan Jeswani
Thaisia Hilton
Ronardo Ward
J’alee Bryan
Alyssa Dubery
Tori-Kay Perkins
Neron Wilson
Shekinah Persaud
Nathan Alexander Louis
Joshua Fenton
Sammay Sinclair
Jordain Gerald

In addition to this, the Montserrat Volcano Observatory thanked each and every sponsor for their support and also highlighted how the event was possible because of them.

The project’s sponsors and partners include In the UK, The University of East Anglia; The University of Oxford; The National Archives; The Royal Society; and in Montserrat and the Caribbean, the UWI Seismic Research Center; The Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Communication, Labour Works and Energy through the ICT Unit, NOEL ltd, Shamrock Industries, Montserrat Port Authority, Victor’s Supermarket, Island Solutions,, Mike Schnell, Valerie & Don Pierson, The Goodness Tour, Jerely Brown, Calvin Air, Department of Community, Youth and Sports Services, Montserrat Secondary School; Montserrat Community College; Montserrat National Trust, Montserrat Public Library; Montserrat Tourism Division; Government Information Unit; ZJB Radio Montserrat, VIP Media, Alvern Ryan and the staff of the MVO.