Rainfall causes landslides in Grenada and St Vincent. Picture Credits: Google Images

Rainfall causes landslides, damage in Grenada, St Vincent

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Over the weekend, Grenada and St Vincent got hit hard by heavy rains, leading to flooding and landslides in different areas of these islands.

On Saturday night, one of the families in Grenada living at Cherry Hill narrowly escaped with their lives after a tree directly fell on their home. To assess this disastrous situation and provide assistance to the affected families, Senator Jonathan La Crette of Grenada visited them along with the St George Northwest Emergency Response team.

In his Facebook Live, Grenada’s Senator Jonathan La Crette expressed his thankfulness to God that nobody faced any severe injuries and no lives were lost.  He added that there were young kids present in the house when the tree fell, but by the grace of God, they were all safe.

He further mentioned that it had been notified that an adult woman received a minor injury on her knee.

Notably, the Hurricane season still poses a huge threat to the Small Island Developing States in the Caribbean. He suggested to cut down the trees which are a threat to the homes of people in order to ensure the security and livelihood of the natives of Grenada.

Senator Jonathan La Crette assured that the affected families would be provided with the building materials to support them financially. They will soon start rebuilding their homes after clearing the tree.

Continuous reports of landslides and fallen trees are being witnessed in the constituency of St George Northeast and have been mentioned by MP for St George Northeast Ron Redhead through his social media account.

Moreover, this threat is not limit to Grenada only as St Vincent and the Grenadines were under a serious warning of a flash flood on 12th November until 6 pm.

Furthermore, the Roads, Buildings and the General Services Authority were busy clearing the landslides from the affected areas, which include Marriaqua, Belair and Nutmeg Grove.

A downed breadfruit tree damaged the water transmission pipeline on Top Gomea, which created water destruction in various areas.

The Central Water and Sewage Authority worked tirelessly hard to cut the tree, which created destruction in the pipeline. This measure was taken in order to provide the water supply back to the impacted people and families.

The rainfall also led to the cancellation of a few events which were scheduled to happen in St Vincent and the Grenadines.