Tropical Storm Wave intensifying as it approaches Grenada. (Image Credits)

Grenada keeps a check on Tropical Storm Wave

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Grenada has turned its attention to an approaching Tropical Storm Wave which has brought with it a change in weather conditions. Both the Meteorological Department and the Grenada Airports Authority are now keeping a close watch on the Tropical Wave.

This is being done to make sure that they are prepared for the effects, incase a drastic change in conditions is eminent.

An active tropical wave is said to be moving across Grenada as well as the rest of the Windward Islands on Thursday, October 5th. This Tropical Wave is expected to bring light and heavy showers, gusty winds and thunder storms and lightening as it progresses through its path.

The Meteorological Department has also issued a warning for Thursday, including Friday morning.

The Tropical wave is expected too impact Grenada in the following ways:

  • Horizontal visibility may be temporarily reduced due to moderate and/or heavy rainfall
  • Gusty winds in and around heavy showers can result in broken branches
  • There is the potential for lightning strikes to occur during thunderstorms.

The public has been instructed to approach the next few days with caution and not take the warnings issued lightly. The following pointers are to be kept in mind during this tumultuous time:

  • Be aware of possible delays and caused by flooded roadways, especially in low-lying areas
  • There is the possibility of minor landslides
  • There is the possibility of broken branches due to gusty winds and heavy showers.

The National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) and the Meteorological Department have stated that they will monitor the Tropical Wave continuously and keep citizens updated on the latest developments.

This new weather system has joined a long list of natural calamities which have plagued the Caribbean region in this hurricane season. By now though, well established precautionary measures have been put in place which ensure the protection of life, livelihood and property to the best of the authority’s ability.

Despite these measures it is important to be cautious as even the best protective measures can sometimes fail when faced with forces of nature.