The 2023 Hurricane Season comes to a close. (Image Credits: Google Images)

Hurricane Tammy retreats from the Caribbean

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Hurricane Tammy is said to be moving northwest according to the US National Hurricane Center’s latest report, released at 5 pm on October 22nd. Having said that, rain continues to fall, which has resulted in flash flood warnings being issued in multiple regions.

St Kitts and Nevis for example, issued a flash flood advisory for low lying and flood prone areas. The warning was valid until 8 pm, until further notice.

The warning was given as water flow in streams, drains and creeks were expected to rise or even overflow into the streets. Having said that, the risk of damage to property is said to be negligible.

While it might not be possible to move around freely due to the minor flooding, it is not said to be life threatening.

The periodic heavy rain being experienced is caused by rainbands influenced by Hurricane Tammy, over the northeast Caribbean region.

In the last 12 hours, an inch of rainfall is said to have fallen in some regions. The next 12 hours will likely see another inch of rainfall. This is expected to result in minor flooding in low lying areas according to the Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological department as well.

Monserrat was also placed under a flash flood warning until 2pm on Sunday. Residents in low lying areas have been asked to relocate as quickly as possible while those living close creeks, streams and other flood prone areas have been asked to take precautions so as to protect life and property.

Citizens have been warned to be vary of flooded areas as even one foot of water is enough to sweep a car off the road in the current conditions.

The latest estimates say that 3.5 inches of rain has already fallen in some regions. The conditions are expected to persist for some time, going by the latest reports.

Even though Hurricane Tammy made landfall in Antigua and Barbuda, the effects were not as severe as expected. At roughly 8 pm Barbuda felt the force of powerful gusts of wind which caused a power outage while Antigua experienced moderate winds.

The storm had gained momentum while on its approach to Barbuda and by 9 pm was a category 1 Hurricane. By 9:15, the eye of the storm reached Barbuda with maximum wind speeds of 85 mph.

Heavy rain and strong gusts of wind persisted throughout the island. While damage was sustained to trees, vegetation and powerlines, not much else suffered the wrath of the Hurricane. This is a great example of the climate resilient infrastructure that Antigua and Barbuda has been pushing for, which has the ability to sustain harsh weather conditions.

Despite the positive news coming from the region, one must note that there is still a risk of floods occurring, which is why citizens have been asked to be cautious till the danger has passed completely.