President Ali and Gregory Meeks US House Foreign Relations Chairman discusses the mutual issues

President Ali and Gregory Meeks US House Foreign Relations Chairman discusses the mutual issues

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President of Guyana Irfaan Ali and Gregory Meeks, representative of Foreign Affairs Committee of US. A meeting was held on the cooperation in different areas. This meeting mainly focused on the exchanging the pieces of information and making collaboration on security issues. The case against Venezuela from Guyana at the world court was also discussed during the meeting.

Guyana is also seeking to strengthen its relations with the US President Ali, and a senior Government team held talks with the Chairman Gregory Meeks of the US House Foreign Relations Committee.

Gregory Meeks said that the meeting stressed that the importance of issues such as climate change, COVID-19 vaccine distribution, and economic growth and energy initiatives that will benefit the people of Guyana.

President Ali said that this meeting was one of the important meetings and also highlighted the importance of Guyana and US relations. The meeting also concentrated on the areas of mutual interest between Both countries.

President Ali said that he took this as an opportunity to update Gregory Meeks on Guyana’s development and the flooding situation. One of the essential topics they have discussed was climate change and Guyana’s development trajectory, and the diversification of their economy, ensuring that the traditional sectors were being strengthened and investments were being made in new sectors to create new opportunities.

President Ali stated that they had updated Gregory Meeks on where they have been with the vaccines there, and of course, the US had already made a commitment, and he promised to ensure that he is doing all that he can to push the agenda so that the vaccines have been made available very soon.

The meeting also reviewed security hurdles in the Caribbean region and the role the US could play in more developing the region’s ability to make itself more guarded.

Representative Gregory Meeks was a member of a US Congressional team that toured Guyana in January 2020, two months before the country went into elections.