Guyana touched Level-2 disaster and seeking external assistance

Guyana touched Level-2 disaster and seeking external assistance

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According to Civil Defence Commission, the flood is at the level 2 disaster. President Dr Irfaan Ali announced this on Wednesday.

Guyana can seek for the international support and from the international community. According to CDC now Guyana has touched level-2 of disaster.

Level-2 disaster is a situation where the country can handle the situation but wants assistance from an external system.

In the situation of Level-2 CDEMA unit might provide assistance through giving the technical, specialized equipment, technician and information sharing equipment that include wireless sets.

In connection, a Level 3 Event overcomes the capacity of an affected State to respond. Following President Ali in Berbice, Wednesday are Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha; Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Lieutenant Colonel Kester Craig; Head of the NDIA, Mr Lionel Wordsworth and Regional Chairman, Mr David Armogan, Nigel Dharamlall; Director-General of the CDC among other representatives.

The President used the chance to ensure the residents that the govt is functioning assiduously to deal with their concerns. He said that the govt would propose a supplementary provision for parliament to secure additional resources t0 support the efforts.
A house in Region Eight entirely destroyed by the flooding.

President Dr Ali said that he was there to let them know that the situation was far from over, but they would be there throughout. The same support that they talked about that the government gave them in the initial phase would continue. He wants to assure them that they were going to be with them, they were going to help in the rebuilding process, and they were going to support the rebuilding process.

He also stated that he was getting to every single community across the country to let people understand and know they were concerned about things. They wanted to assist, and that way, they would be helping. So he there that morning to assure them as President that every single community will be served.

President Dr Ali stated, “Today, they will tell me what they recommend, and we will see what we can do in terms of the immediate drainage, in terms of food supplies… and the feed. GLDA people will be here with you and the CDC, and once we get the report back Today, before Thursday afternoon, you will get the stuff coming in.”

President Dr Ali also instructed that a hymac be sent into the community by tomorrow.