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President Irfaan Ali highlights agrarian potential of Guyana in recent webinar

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Guyana: Seeking further opportunities in Guyana’s agriculture sector, the United States Department of Commerce and the US Embassy in Guyana organised a webinar ‘Agriculture opportunities in Guyana’.

During this agricultural webinar, the President of Guyana, Dr Irfaan Ali’s main focus was to highlight the agrarian potential of his country to attract more numbers of investors towards his fields and conducting their business activities here.

During this meeting, the President told the investors about the working mechanism of the agro-sector in their country.

President Dr Ali gave the answers to all the questions asked by the investors and the businessmen. They have joined the webinar for getting information on Guyana’s working efficiency in the agricultural department.

President Dr Ali was joined by Foreign Secretary Robert Persaud, and the other Government representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture in meeting physically. The Minister of Agriculture Zulfikar Mustapha and Ambassador of America to Guyana Sarah Ann Lynch also joined the discussion virtually.

President Ali outlined some investment opportunities in rice, sugar, corn, soya, coconut, spices, fruits and vegetables, agro-processing, agrochemical, the livestock sector (poultry, beef, dairy, sheep, and goat) and fisheries-agriculture and shrimp.

Ambassador Lynch, while addressing the meeting, told the investors that this is the time of unprecedented opportunities in Guyana. This is the opportunity for development. By this, the labour should also get indulged in this work by which the employment will also get generated by the country for their public the investors will enhance the quality of the production in the fields. It will also have an effect on the agricultural education in Guyana that will achieve new heights in this sector in the upcoming days.