Police officer sustains leg injury after being hit by car at checkpoint in Jeremy Street

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Saint Lucia police officer suffered a leg injury while performing his duties at a checkpoint on Jeremy Street in Castries on Tuesday. The incident was caused by the reckless driving of a man who hit him and two vehicles.

To escape from the police, an unidentified man was driving the car at high speed, and as a result, his car broke into a checkpoint and hit a police officer. While stopping him, the police officers opened fire to save the officer who was hit by the car.

The officers managed to arrest the suspect on the spot, and he was taken into custody. The rank, reported to have sustained a leg injury, was given medical aid, and he underwent treatment for the time being. 

At the beginning of the year, the Saint Lucia police force made it clear that they would increase operational efficiency, especially by increasing traffic checks. 

The Police Commissioner, Crucita Descartes-Pelius, released a statement that due to such strategies, it is possible that people may experience inconveniences during traffic checks. However, this initiative is important to combat the rise of crimes in the nation. 

“I ask that the public bear in mind that such “inconveniences” may serve to preserve that life or lives of even their loved ones”, added Commissioner Pelius.

Saint Lucia Police Commissioner, Crucita Descartes-Pelius. (Credits: Calabash TV, Facebook)
Saint Lucia Police Commissioner, Crucita Descartes-Pelius. (Credits: Calabash TV, Facebook)

The idea of increasing operational efficiency has given a positive result. Noting this, the police recovered firearms, illegal drugs, immigrants and other deadly weapons at the checkpoints. The investigating officers continue to conduct such exercises in the country. 

“RSLPF will continue training to develop professional standards and ethics”, Commissioner Pelius said. 

Moreover, major operations have been conducted in several communities, which resulted in the arrest of many suspects. 

According to the reports, the majority of people extended their support to the police to fight against the crimes collectively. While reacting to the news, a person named A. Alison stated, “Good job, law enforcement, keep the heat on the criminals and let’s keep our streets clean…we must keep the heat on.”

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