Police commissioner vows to prevent homicides in Saint Lucia, outlines plans 

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Commissioner of RSLPF, Cruscita Descartes- Pelius issued a statement that RSLPF is working to combat the increase of Homicides in Saint Lucia. She said from the beginning of the year, a total of seven Homicides have been recorded to date. 

She added that people should respect the law of the country, and such senseless murders must be stopped. 

“From the commencement of the year, a total of seven homicides have been recorded. This figure is unacceptable. The blatant disregard for the law and the clear intention of the few to cause mayhem and instil fear with the commission of these senseless retaliatory-fashioned murders must be stopped”, the Commissioner added. 

According to her statement, the officers of the RSLP increased their anti-crime exercises and detention rates along with preventative measures. They are conducting the operations through collaboration with various stakeholders. 

As per the reports, through these exercises, there is an incline in the seizures of firearms and ammunition. Major operations have been conducted in several communities, which resulted in the arrest of many suspects. 

Moreover, police seize many restricted items, cash and narcotics. Progress can be seen in the prevention of crimes, as officers use vital information that helps them reduce crimes. Noting this, intelligence-led strategies have been adopted to prevent violence. 

Commissioner Pelius extended a vote of thanks to all the officers for their untiring efforts and urged them to work continuously for the decrease of crimes. Notably, she laid emphasis on community policing drives and guaranteeing peace and harmony in every corner of the country. 

Unfortunately, despite all the efforts and positive strides, a small number of the population continued their criminal activities. 

Therefore, the Commissioner asked for public support to help the police with all possible information that could clarify the case so they could reach the suspect as soon as possible. 

“As a nation, we cannot allow ourselves to become a population grappled with fear; we are Saint Lucians! We are proud, we are resilient, and we are not victims. Let us not allow criminals who contribute little by being nuisances to control our national security narrative”, added Commissioner Pelius. 

Additionally, the RSLPF will continue to mark their involvement in this outright criminality. With the parameters of the law, the police are finding every possible way to promote a sense of peace within the country. 

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