List of National Youth Awards 2023 winners (Picture Courtesy: PNM | Facebook)

PNM releases list of National Youth Awards 2023 winners

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: The twin-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago has been celebrating “Youth Excellence”. Marking this occasion, the PNM – People’s National Movement announced the list of the winners of this year’s National Youth Awards.

The list of the winners, presented by the PNM, is as follows:

Youth of the Year
Age group 10-17: Jahmali Samuel,
Age group 18-35: Ishmael Moreno

Age group 10-17: Jahmali Samuel
Age group 18-35: Omar Ali

Arts and Culture
Age group 10-17: Ihouma Straughn-George,
Age group 18-35: Na-o-mi Frederick,
Group: Diatonic Pan Institute

Age group 10-17: Malik Thomas,
Age group 18-35: Josiah Jessop

Environment sustainability and preservation
Group: Globe Club of Brazil Secondary School

Health and Wellness
Age group 10-35: Ishmael Moreno

Leadership and Advocacy
Age group 10-17: Ciara Ravello-Darabie,
Age group 18-35: Alicia Ramdal

Learning and Academia
Age group 10-17: Sahara Ramkissoon,
Age group 18-35: Phillip Simon

Model Youth Development Programme
Group: Ryu Dan Empowerment Foundation

Outstanding youth organisation
Group: The Heroes Foundation

Social media influencer
Agr group 10-17: A’janae King Fraser,
Age group 18-35: Roxy James

Age group 10-17: Christian Winter,
Age group 18-35: Trent Bethel

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)
Age group 10-35: Farrah Mathura

Technical Vocational Skills: Makell Baptiste

Youth Mentor
Age group over 35: Marva John-Logan

Youth service and humanitarianism:
Gabriella Wyke
Group: Autism Siblings and Friends Network

Youthful resilience:
Imara Hector Joseph,
Age group 18-35: Arron George

Dr Henry Charles honorary recognition for STEM:
Miracle Carr and Matthias Dalip,

Youth Service:
Shivanan Maraj,

Age group 18-35: Jabari Clarke

The prizes for the winners are:

Individual winners for each category got $6,000 and an iPad, group winners $8,500, individual first runners-up got $3,000 and individual second-runners-up got $2,000.

In addition, group first runners-up got $3,500 and group second runners-up got $2,500.

The categories briefed by the People’s National Movement: Agriculture, arts and culture, entrepreneurship, environmental stability, health and wellness, leadership and Advocacy, learning and academia, model youth development, outstanding youth organisation, social media influencer, sport, STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths), technical vocational skills, youth service and humanitarianism and youthful resilience.

People’s reaction to this initiative:

The general public, especially the locals of Trinidad and Tobago, expressed gratitude towards the government of Trinidad and Tobago for the introduction of such an initiative. As per the public, such events and initiatives will help the youth to get engaged in the practices, which will connect them to the general public.

Some of the people also took to the comment section of the social media post by the PNM. One of the users, named Boxil Charles, commented, “Extremely good initiative. Hope it continues every year and is expanded.”

Yet other people congratulated the winners for taking the trophy/ award back home.