Guyana: 39 Mabaruma residents receive certificate in technical, vocational programmes
Guyana: 39 Mabaruma residents receive certificate in technical, vocational programmes || Picture Courtesy: Ministry of Labour

Georgetown, Guyana: The Ministry of Labour, along with the Board of Industrial Training (BIT), have recently handed over certificates to the 39 residents of the Mabaruma region. While sharing an update regarding the same, the ministry outlined, “Julena Jocintho’s desire to try something new led to her being certified in joinery through the Board of Industrial Training.”

She told BIT representatives that her aunt encouraged her to take advantage of the agency’s free vocational and technical programs, which made this opportunity possible. “After hearing from my aunt, I thought it was a great opportunity for me to follow through while I’m taking steps to become a teacher,” Jocintho explained.

The aspiring teacher was one of thirty-nine (39) Mabaruma, Region One resident who received certification in Joinery, Motor Vehicle Servicing and Repairs, Cosmetology, and Photovoltaic Installation.

According to the post, she stated that she is grateful for this life-changing decision because it has opened her eyes to a new horizon. As a result, she hoped that others would see the value in taking advantage of the agency’s programmes to become employable.

It further informed that Clinton Desouza shared Jocintho’s desire to learn a skill that would make him marketable for job opportunities in the region. Now that he has joinery skills and knowledge, he hopes to “help me, my community, because there are a lot of people in my community who have the talents and capability but no one to teach them.”

He credited his dream to his friends, who introduced him to the vast technical programmes offered by the Board of Industrial Training. As a result, Desouza encouraged others to learn more about the agency’s training programmes and to apply for a life-changing opportunity.

It added that Lydia Alberts, on the other hand, discovered the agency in 2021 when she decided to enrol in its Tractor Maintenance programme. “I had originally planned to do the agency’s heavy-duty equipment operation programme, but I changed my mind because I saw the vast job opportunities in this profession,” she explained.

The ministry further stated that this prompted her to decide to broaden her employment opportunities by becoming certified in Motor Vehicle Servicing and Repairs. “I can now apply for any job vacancy without fear of being rejected, and this is because of the Board of Industrial Training, for which I am eternally grateful,” Alberts said. Her time with the agency, however, is not over; she plans to return soon to learn new skills.

According to Joseph Hamilton, Minister of Labour, today’s event demonstrates the government’s commitment to empowering its citizens through educational opportunities to improve their chances of finding work. “Under the previous administration, there was no such training offered by the Board of Industrial Training in this region. Now, since taking office in August 2020, the PPP/C Administration has been able to certify several batches of individuals here,” he said.

This positive trend, he said, will continue because it will help the region’s and, by extension, the country’s development. As a result, the minister encouraged the graduates to encourage others to participate in the agency’s training programmes.

Saskia Eastman-Onwuzirike, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Industrial Training, spoke briefly about the Board of Industrial Training’s role and responsibilities in developing the country’s labour force. As a result, she praised the graduates for recognizing the importance of becoming skilled individuals in order to meaningfully contribute to the country’s development.

Eastman-Onwuzirike, on the other hand, encouraged them to pursue other educational and training opportunities in order to broaden their profile and increase their chances of finding work.

Bevon Shepherd, Senior Technical Officer; Trevi Leung, Mayor of Mabaruma; Chris Phang, Regional Chairman; Brentnol Ashley, and other officials attended the ceremony. In addition, the graduates received tools and equipment from the agency to help them get started in the business.