St Kitts Department of Youth Empowerment hosts 'Remarkable Teen Project: The Renamal Retreat'

St Kitts Department of Youth Empowerment hosts ‘Remarkable Teen Project: The Renamal Retreat’

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Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis: St Kitts Department of Youth Empowerment shared a glimpse of the ‘Remarkable Teen Project: The Renamal Retreat’ and also shared some details regarding the remarkable teens.

As per the official update, the teens who participated in the event were named the following.
Maija Lake,
Laquandre Lowrie,
Sidondre Flemming and
Malachi Tucker Gumbs

As per the official update, the camp was inspired by five remarkable teens recognising the rapid increase in gang violence, and the department assured them to just want to help young people channel their energy into something positive.

It was furthermore stated that the prime and major focus of the camp was on enhancing and prioritising mental health and peace. The aim of the camp was to prioritise mental health, channel inner energy and improve self-confidence and communication skills by transforming negative energy into positive energy and channelling it through meaningful activities, informed the Department of Youth of St Kitts and Nevis.

“We started this camp in hopes that we would get other children more involved in sports, music, and the arts as we have witnessed how music and sports can bring people together,” it stated through social media.

According to the official statement, many activities were hosted to engage the audience and the participants.

The update read that the children spent the week engaging in activities such as steel pan, singing, modelling, football, basketball, dancing and other fun games and activities.

The post by the Department of St Kitts and Nevis concluded by expressing gratitude towards the sponsors and the participants. The teens would like to thank Natasha Grey Brookes, Mr Shawn Richards, Ms Connie Jayne, Maleah Erskine, Shaheem Prentice and SKN Athletics for their sponsorships towards the success of the camp.

“We would also like to thank Mr Joey Deane for allowing us to host our camp at 17 degrees. We truly appreciate their help and support,” it outlined.