PM Roosevelt Skerrit highlights future prospects for Dominica's International Airport construction

PM Roosevelt Skerrit highlights future prospects for Dominica’s International Airport construction

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Roseau, Dominica: Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica, shared an update regarding the construction of the international airport and outlined that Dominica Labour Party is the only political party which is concentrating on this context.

He mentioned that development at the construction site of the airport in Wesley is visible. He also said that this project (International Airport project) is the biggest and most essential in the history of Dominica.

PM Skerrit gave the latest update and stated that preparations are done to clear the land. He also outlined that discussions are done with the contractors and developers, and according to them, significant work has been done.

He added that the government of Dominica had discussed each and every aspect to accelerate and advancement of the work of the International Airport as it is a major milestone for the development and growth of the nation.

Further, while emphasising the employment generation through this project, PM Roosevelt Skerrit noted that more than 94 local Dominicans are directly employed in the construction, excluding various local truckers who are contributing to the building of the international airport.

Prime Minister Skerrit outlined that the government has made sure that the skilled and efficient people of Dominica are employed as per their capabilities. He added that numerous others had found indirect jobs, including farmers providing agricultural produce and eggs to labour, among other necessities.

He was quoted saying, “The Government is on top of ensuring that Dominicans get work. I have seen a number of people from Wesley opt out of the National Employment Programme (NEP) because they are engaged in the construction of the international airport.”

Additionally, he mentioned that the International Airport is one of the necessities for Dominicans. PM Roosevelt Skerrit also anticipated that after the completion of this project, many air carriers, such as American Airlines, would commence their service from small island nation like Dominica.

Further, he expressed that the International Airport will become a reality in Dominica and pointed out that some people even doubted the construction of Dominica- China Hospital and Windsor Park Sports Stadium.