PM Holness launched National hurricane preparedness campaign

Jamaica: Citizens of St James follows COVID-19 protocols to mitigate the spread
Jamaica: Citizens of St James follows COVID-19 protocols to mitigate the spread

The national hurricane preparedness campaign for the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season has been launched by the PM Holness that will start from June 1 and end on November 30.

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) has been operating on this campaign that aims to improve clarity islandwide, raise public consciousness of all hazards, create a culture of agreement. In this, the Jamaican youth is being used for spreading the campaign in the region.


The campaign is guided by the theme ‘Hurricane Readiness in Trying Times’.


PM Holness said that ODPEM, in collaboration with national, regional and international agencies, has been committed to taking proactive and appropriate measures to stop or decrease the influence of hazards on Jamaica, its people, natural resources and economy.

The Prime Minister instructed the National Disaster Committee to work on the areas that need special attention in the country, drains should be cleaned and working on public education and awareness should be increased.

PM Holness said that public education had been an essential part of their way to enhance public awareness and commitment to supporting the disaster preparation and emergency management projects of the ODPEM. The Jamaican people had a greater understanding of disaster risk control to prepare for disasters, emergencies and developing hazards, allowing them to suitably, willfully and actively defend and safeguard themselves, family and property, thereby guaranteeing hurricane readiness in trying times.

The Prime Minister remarked that during the past year, the country strongly controlled the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the consequence of flood rains from Tropical Storm Zeta and Eta.
The collective health and weather events put their emergency systems and response readiness to the test. The government applauds their front-line workers and emergency management personnel for the emergencies most challenging circumstance.

PM Holness said that like they had done successfully in the past year, their policy must be to expect, plan and prepare for the menace, not to panic if or when it develops more worst situation. Let’s remember the tagline, ‘disasters happen, be prepared.