Ato Rockliffe new leader of Caribbean Sport and Development Agency

Ato Rockliffe new leader of Caribbean Sport and Development Agency

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Ato Rockliffe has become the new leader of the Caribbean Sport and Development Agency on 1 June 2021, which started as a long intern years ago. The agency said that we feel proud to introduce our brother and colleague as the new leader of CSDA on 1 June 2021.


As a youth intern from Guyana Ato first joined CSDA as a member of the Caribbean Healthy Lifestyle Project (CHLP), where Caribbean sister Kathy Harper-Hall also accompanied him.

During his intern period, Ato joined as Sport Development Officer at CSDA staff, and after becoming sport developer officer, he achieved a leadership role in the project that was named Kicking AIDS out. Representation of CSDA by Ato on the Kicking AIDS Out Network and facilitating workshops for youth leaders across Caribbean countries.

Kicking AIDS Out is both an suggestion and a system. As an approach, Kicking AIDS Out combines sports activities with HIV/AIDS interventions. The Kicking AIDS Out theory is a holistic and complete strategy that points at uniting sport and physical activity with HIV/AIDS education. It aims to build knowledge about HIV and AIDS while also supporting rivals to discuss matters concerning their lives and their societies.

With his passion for research and gaining knowledge Ato in this way, tried to fill up the gap between theory and practical knowledge regarding his education.

The authorities of CSDA said that they feel confident that Ato would also work in the direction of developing the agency. The CSDA is working for the development of sports in the Caribbean region, and this can only be done with the renewed energy and strong determination by making the sport a way for human development.

Ato is being thanked by the authorities of CSDA for accepting the responsibility of leading the organization in these very difficult times, and they ask him to join them in supporting him on his onward journey