Two developing weather systems in the Caribbean have caught the eye of the NHC. (Image Credits: Google Images)

NHC places two weather systems under observation in the Caribbean

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Two areas of interest in the Caribbean have been placed under observation by the National Hurricane Center in Miami. The systems have been detected in the Southwestern Caribbean Sea and the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean.

An area of low pressure has formed and has been located a few hundred miles east of the southeastern Bahamas causing rain and thunderstorms in the South western Atlantic region, according to the NHC’s 8 am update. The system is expected to move west northwestward while a short-term tropical depression forms.

Having said that, dry air and strong upper-level winds are expected to hinder any further development of the weather system by Tuesday. To confirm these observations, an Airforce reconnaissance aircraft is scheduled to fly over the region to check for any new developments.

The system has a high chance of formation (70%) through the next 48 hours, and shows the same percentage of development through the next 7 days as well.

Similarly, an area of low pressure is likely to form in the central or southwestern Caribbean Sea in the next few days, following which, a gradual development is expected as the system moves westward at a rate of 10-15 mph.

This disturbance has a 0% chance of formation through the initial 48 hours and a low 20% chance of formation in the span of the next 7 days.

A positive update given by the NHC is that Tropical Storm Tammy has been downgraded to the status of a post tropical cyclone, currently placed 670 miles east of Bermuda. The NHC has clarified that this will be the last update on post tropical cyclone Tammy.

According to the NHC, there is no reason to worry about the developing systems as of now. Regardless, the systems have been placed under observation and regular updates about their status will be released for the benefit of the public.