Nevis Heritage Project and Small Sherds of Nevis encourages heritage preservation

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St Kitts and Nevis: The Second Public talk series of the season titled under Nevis Heritage Project and Small Sherds of Nevis took place at Bath Hotel. During the talk, archaeologists from the UK, Dr Rob Philpott and David Barker presented their talks about the archaeology of Nevis.

The Nevis Heritage Project aims at investigating the history of the Nevis and then disseminate the information to the public for the perseverance of national heritage. This project even raises awareness among the public and encourages the government to improve the heritage legislation as it has a great role in generating tourism revenue.

Small Sherds of Nevis, includes the role of ceramic finds that has a greater significance in archaeological research. David Barker, one of the archaeologists present at the talk series, introduced about the common types of ware which were used in Nevis during the colonial era. He spoke about the research project currently going in the Nevis, having the emphasis on British-made transfer printed wares.

While, another archaeologist, Dr Rob Philpott presented the brief to some of the projects under the Nevis Heritage Project in the country. He added that the focus will be two sugar plantation sites at Upper Rawlins and Fenton Hill which were dug by Southampton University in the mid 2000s. 

The event organized in the country is of great importance and was very knowledgeable. One of the citizens also extended thanks for providing such an insightful event. He mentioned, “You did a great job in organizing this event. What an amazing turn out.”

The authorities are doing great under the Nevis Heritage Project. The country even has a special place connected to the heritage of the country, and it is named as Nevis Heritage Village. To raise the awareness among the public for the preservation of the rich history of the island, every year, an event ‘Nevis Culturama Festival’ as well is celebrated.

George Henry
George Henry
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