2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season comes to a close. (Image Credits: Weather Underground)

National Hurricane Center continues to monitor two weather systems

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The US National Hurricane Center in Miami has been keeping an eye on two weather systems in the Central Caribbean Sea and the Central Subtropical Atlantic regions.

Disturbance One

The latest update on Disturbance One, released at 7 pm EST, explained that in an area of low pressure, placed over the Central Caribbean Sea, heavy rains and thunderstorms continue to persist.

According to the forecast though, the system’s development is unlikely due to dry air surrounding it, as it moves westward at a gradual pace as the week progresses.

Disturbance One has a low 10% chance of formation over the next 48 hours and a 10% chance of formation through the week. As a result, the prognosis on Disturbance One by the National Hurricane Center is a positive one.

Disturbance Two

According to the same update, Disturbance Two has been deemed as a non-tropical area of low pressure which has been slated to develop over the next few days along the middle of the Atlantic ridge.

Beyond that time frame, the system has the ability to develop subtropical and tropical traits as it progresses eastward along the Central Subtropical Atlantic.

Disturbance Two is said to have no chance of development with in the next 48 hours with a 0% value but has a 30% chance of development through the next seven days.

As is the norm, these predictions are always taken with a pinch of salt as weather systems in the region have the ability to change their intensity and direction drastically, at the drop of a hat.

Due to the unpredictable nature of such systems, the National Hurricane Center is doing its best to remain informed on these two weather systems, incase the situation changes in a negative manner.

As is often the case, regions likely to be affected by these weather systems will be put on alert if needed to protect human life and property.