The National Hurricane Center puts two disturbances on its watch list. (Image Credits: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

National Hurricane Center expresses concern over two weather systems

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The United States National Hurricane Center in Miami has zeroed in on two weather disturbances, one on the southeast coast of the United States and the other in the Southwestern Caribbean Sea.

Disturbance 1

According to the latest update released by the NHC at 7 am on Wednesday, Disturbance 1 is a dispersed system of disorganized rain and thunderstorms caused due to an area of low pressure in the Southwestern Caribbean Sea.

Concerns have arisen as conditions appear to be suiting the development of this system as it moves towards the northeast, crossing the central and western regions of the Caribbean Sea. It is also possible that a tropical depression could form as the system continues to move during the weekend.

The NHC has recommended that Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, the southeastern Bahamas, and the Turks and Caicos Islands monitor the progression of this system and remain aware of the various challenges it could present.

With or without any further escalation in its intensity, the system is capable of producing heavy rain and inclement weather in the Greater Antilles and off the Caribbean Coast of Central America.

Statistically, Disturbance 1 has a 30% chance of formation during the initial 48 hours and presents with a 50% chance of formation over the next week.

Disturbance 2

The NHC has warned that an area of low pressure is likely to form near Southern Florida over the next few days. The forecast suggests that the system will then move towards the northeast near the Bahamas, off the east coast of the United States as the week progresses.

Sections of southern Florida, the Florida Keys, and the Bahamas are expected to experience heavy rains and strong gusts of wind, although the development of a tropical cyclone seems quite unlikely.

Disturbance 2 has a 10% chance of formation during the initial 48 hours and a 10% chance of formation during the week.