Tropical Storm Phillipe's path, according to the latest update. (Image credits: Google images)

Tropical Storm Philippe takes center stage in the Atlantic

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Tropical Storm Philippe has become the new addition to a long line of weather systems that have graced the Atlantic during this Hurricane season.

Reports on the 25th of September were quite positive and didn’t raise concerns, especially for the Caribbean. It was reported that Tropical Storm Philippe was moving westward at a modest rate of 15 miles per hour.

According to this report, there were no advisories or warnings issued in the region as the storm was unlikely to make landfall. The forecast at that point suggested that the storm would remain at sea for a period of 3-4 days. Following that, the storm was expected to dissipate gradually.

The latest reports though, have added a slight twist to the plot. Tropical Storm Philippe is said to be changing its trajectory. It is unclear whether there is a reason to worry or not, but the storm is now pivoting towards the eastern Caribbean region.

The positive news is that the same reports also suggest that Tropical Strom Philippe is weakening ever so slightly, which is a good sign by all means.

What is slightly worrisome though is the fact that another tropical depression is said to be forming due to a weather system which is placed just behind Tropical Storm Philippe.

This tropical depression is expected to form within a few days. The National Hurricane Center in Miami issued an update on Tuesday which delineated many details regarding these developments.

The forecasters have stated that the systems originated off the coast of Africa. It is now headed in a west-northwesterly direction towards the tropical Atlantic.

The next two or three days have been slated as crucial and it is this time span during which the system is likely to cause the development of a tropical depression.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami, as well as weather watch systems and institutions in the Caribbean are keeping a close eye, not just on Philippe but on other developing systems as well.

The fact remains that these weather systems are quite unpredictable and each one of them has the potential to cause untold damage if it makes landfall.

To the benefit of many, this hurricane season has been a relatively manageable one for the Caribbean so far. Regardless of that, it takes but one wayward weather system to change that narrative, hence the high degree of caution being exercised.

While the status till now is quite positive and Tropical Storm Philippe itself is not seen as a major threat, it is important to remember that the Caribbean is still experiencing the hurricane season and is not out of the woods yet.

Hence, the caution shown by the authorities is much appreciated by the citizens of the region.