Minister Vince Henderson assumes Chairmanship of COFCOR during 27th meeting in Dominica. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Minister Vince Henderson assumes Chairmanship of COFCOR during 27th meeting in Dominica

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Roseau, Dominica: The Chairmanship of Council for Foreign and Community Relations (COFCOR) has been assumed by the Minister for foreign affairs, international business trade and energy, Dr Vince Henderson. The chairmanship was assumed during 27th meeting of the council for foreign and community relations which is being held in Dominica, effective from Thursday.

During the meeting, Dr. Henderson addressed everyone and shed light on the strength that comes from the unity and stated that their collective voices and shared purposes are extremely crucial as COFCOR undertakes its work and provides policy guidance in advancing its vision and development goals.

“The action-oriented agenda before us reflects the complex realities of our times; indeed, our region has had to navigate the evolving Global landscape as we address pressing Regional issues such as climate change, energy, food, and nutrition Security,” noted Dr Vince Henderson.

He further mentioned about the enhancing engagement with emerging partners in the Middle East and Qatar. He stated that such good relations are a testament to the unwavering commitment of Dominica towards maximizing opportunities for the benefits of the region.

Dr Vince Henderson emphasised on the co-operation with the south region and stated that is very important group of countries that they need to continue to engage. He added that their invitation extended to the state of Qatar for engagement with the council reflects their belief in multilateral co-operation and support of shared priorities.

He also stated that it is every Foreign Minister’s responsibility to promote an environment that enables increased opportunities for collaboration, co-operation and strategic partnerships over the next two days. He further asserted that their deliberations will shed light on several issues with the motive to build a resilient community for all.

He also extended gratitude to all the member states presented in the meeting and stated that their presence in Dominica reflects their strong commitment and dedication towards fostering their relations and strengthening their ties.

While shedding light on the topics that will be discussed during the meeting, Dr. Vince Henderson stated that the council would review important engagements with third States and plans to commemorate the 2024 CARICOM Japan friendship year. He further noted that the council will also focus on the geopolitical concerns that directly affect the sustainable development of the nation.

Moreover, he also remarked that COFCOR will review upcoming international meetings which are significant for the region’s growth and development. Out of which includes the Commonwealth heads of government as well as the summit of the future.

“The summit requires essential attention and the development of strong, unified positions,” noted the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Dominica.

The Minister stated that he will make all his efforts to deliver tangible results for the benefit of the respective countries and people with a motive to address all the current challenges faced by the nations.

He also shared about the expenses following the Hurricane Maria and stated that sometimes it costs three or four times more to build resilience than to simply build. The Minister noted that it is in fact very expensive to transform from fossil fuel dependence to renewable energy.

He further asserted about the project of Dominica and stated that as they are embarking on a very ambitious construction of new transmission system which will be partly underground and resilience above ground. While stating about the project he said that is very expensive to build lines that connect and distribute power.

Furthermore, Dr Vince Henderson also asked the citizens to extend support to their brothers and sisters in Palestine and stated that Dominica would soon be issuing a statement applauding the actions taken by Norway, Spain, and Ireland to recognize a Palestinian state. He further remarked that the acts of October 7th were acts of terrorism, and the ongoing Onslaught in not only Gaza but in the entire state of Palestine has been a cause of concern.

While requesting people to voice their opinions and make them heard, Dr. Henderson stated that “all of us have supported the recent United Nations resolution in support of Palestine. We are hoping that more of us could stand firm and make our voices heard as we too as people who have a history of colonization and enslavement.”