Mc Claude Emmanuel, the CEO of Saint Lucia CIP. (Image Credits: Google Images)

Mc Claude Emmanuel led Saint Lucia CIP shines in CBI Index 2023

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The Citizenship by Investment Unit of Saint Lucia has taken the third spot on the 2023 CBI Index, as CEO Mc Claude Emmanuel looks to continue the programme’s upward trajectory.

The programme is tailor made for high-net-worth individuals who wish to invest in a safe, stable system which offers great flexibility. Saint Lucia in particular, meets those requirements quite efficiently. This is down to the work put in by Mc Claude Emmanuel, who is known for his zeal towards constantly improving upon his work.

Under his leadership, the programme has built a reputation for being one of the most desirable options available financially speaking. From the perspective of ‘quality of life’ Saint Lucia is seen as an ideal destination with pleasant weather and beautiful landscapes aplenty.

The fact that Saint Lucia’s programme has achieved remarkable progress under Emmanuel, despite being the most recent addition to a long list, is no small achievement in itself. The programme became operational in 2016 and has never looked back.

The great work put in by Mc Claude Emmanuel is reflected in the fact that Saint Lucia has bagged the 3rd position in the 2023 CBI Index, beating many nations with well established programmes that have stood the test of time.

This is down to the innovative strategies, focus on diligence and convenience offered by Saint Lucia. Through such policies, the nation has managed to make its programme stand out among a sea of competitors.

During an interview regarding the same, Emmanuel spoke of innovations such has working with reputable, international third-party organisations. This allows the programme to be a standard bearer in terms of screening, vetting and general due diligence.

“I believe that promoting St. Lucia ‘Beyond the Passport’ has the potential to attract even more foreign Investments instead of just getting the investment for the programme or citizenship.” Mc Claude Emmanuel stated.

The following amendments, which were made on the 1st of January 2023, influenced the recent standings of Saint Lucia significantly.

– The Replacement Fee for a lost/damaged certificate has been increased to US$500 from US$100.
– Developers will have to pay a fee of US$7,500, which is inclusive of due diligence and background checks while applying for CIP-approved real estate or enterprise projects.
– The investment amount into Saint Lucia National Economic Fund will also be increased for additional dependents aged twelve months or below, i.e. from US$500 TO US$5,000.
– The investment in the real estate option has been reduced to US$200,000.

Beyond these options, a ‘bond option’ has also been made available, allowing individuals to purchase a non-interest-bearing government bond. Through this option, candidates can contribute US$300,000 and the administrative fee for the same amounts to US$50,000.

CBI Index 2023 ranking

The CBI Index acts as a comprehensive take on nations which offer Citizenship by Investment. In the 2023 CBI Index, Saint Lucia bagged the third position, cementing itself as one of the premier options available.

Here is Saint Lucia’s points tally according to the 9-pillar grading system:

Standard of Living: 06
Freedom of Movement: 07
Minimum Investment Outlay: 10
Mandatory Travel/ Resident: 10
Citizenship Timeline: 09
Ease of Processing: 08
Due Diligence: 07
Family: 09
Certainty of Product: 06

As is evident above, Saint Lucia has achieved enviable scores in multiple categories. This comes down to the flexibility of the programme and reflects the comprehensive nature of Mc Claude Emmanuel’s vision for its future.